Are James Bond Movies on Netflix?


Streaming, not stirred, is how most Netflix viewers prefer their Bond films. Unfortunately, most of the MI6 agent’s best hits have disappeared from Netflix as of February, including Goldfinger, A View to Kill, and From Russia with Love. There is, however, one remaining Bond film on Netflix: Skyfall. Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond is considered one of the most gritty … [Read more...]

Showcase: Tom Hardy Films on Netflix


After starring in a string of blockbusters such as The Dark Knight Rises and Inception, English actor Tom Hardy has become one of the most respected (and requested) figures in cinema. His talent seems to disregard genre boundaries, ranging from subdued period pieces to popcorn action flicks with effortless charisma. Netflix may not have some of Hardy’s higher-grossing films … [Read more...]

The Best Superheroes on Netflix


While Netflix removed many of its classic superhero films over the past year, including the much-adored Avengers, a crop of animated films and less conventional heroes have risen up to fill this void. Listed below are some of Netflix’s current heroes in the roster, and the films in which they star. Hellboy While you may not have … [Read more...]

Is Star Wars on Netflix?


After riding waves of relief and excitement over the second trailer for Star War Episode VII: The Force Awakens, legions of Star Wars fans may be scouring Netflix for the series’ first six films. While the streaming service does offer all of the Star Trek series and numerous Trek films, there are no live-action Star Wars films currently available for instant viewing. Amazon … [Read more...]

Top 10 Movies for Kids on Netflix


Hercules Transforming Greek myth into one of the most beloved Disney projects of all time, Hercules brought a modern and heartfelt twist to an ancient classic. The voice talents of James Woods, Danny DeVito, and Tate Donovan brought this animated tour de force to life, and ensured its place among kid-friendly masterpieces for years to come. Robin Hood While Disney’s … [Read more...]

Mel Brooks Movies on Netflix


At present, there are a meager three films with heavy input from Mel Brooks available for Netflix streaming, and one documentary episode about the writer-director. As always, however, the Netflix lineup is changing and acquiring new titles, so stay vigilant. To Be or Not to Be This 1983 historical comedy, produced by (and starring) Mel Brooks, pits a troupe of Warsaw actors … [Read more...]

Ricky Gervais Film Special Correspondents Will Be a Netflix Exclusive


Special Correspondents, a comedy film from Ricky Gervais that stars Eric Bana, will be released as a Netflix exclusive in 2016. Bana plays a radio journalist, job on the line and desperate for a story, who fakes war reports about a rebel uprising in South America -- including his own kidnapping -- while safely hiding out above a New York restaurant. Although Special … [Read more...]

The Big Lebowski Back on Netflix


White Russian fans rejoice: The Dude is back, and he abides. On Netflix. There are no fans quite like the fans of this cult classic, and they'll be quick to let you know how The Big Lebowski really tied the Netflix streaming room together, until it was removed back in 2011. Netflix removing Big Lebowski from Watch Instantly then adding The Expendables, is like giving … [Read more...]

Starship Troopers Now Streaming on Netflix

starship troopers on netflix

I was about 12 years old when Starship Troopers released in theaters. After having seen Independence Day on the big screen, I was quickly hooked on sci-fi action alien movies and desperately wanted to see Starship Troopers on opening night. So you can imagine my dismay when my parents wouldn't let me go see it, commenting on how they had read some reviews about it being … [Read more...]

The Interview Coming to Netflix January 24th

the interview on netflix

For all the controversy caused by this film, the past few weeks have made for some interesting debate over freedom of speech, what crosses the line, new content distribution models, and just about everything in between. One of the biggest questions we kept getting was whether or not Netflix would pick up the tab and offer The Interview on instant stream. It seemed like a … [Read more...]