What countries have the most movies on Netflix?

what countries is netflix in

Besides what countries is Netflix available in, a lot of people ask what countries have the most Netflix content available. While the below list is certainly always changing (last updated January 11th, 2015), it should paint a pretty good picture of what movies are in each country streaming on Netflix: 1) USA - 6191 2) Canada - 3032 3) Brazil - 2411 4) UK - … [Read more...]

Disney’s Classic Fantasia Now Streaming on Netflix

fantasia on netflix

As a young kid, I remember being completely in awe of all the bright colors, interesting animations and beautiful music in the Disney classic Fantasia. The movie has always held a special place as a semi-introduction to film as art, something I certainly didn't recognize the first time I saw this great movie. At the time it was just flashy bright lights and loud classical … [Read more...]

Movies and TV Shows Expiring From Netflix February 2015

leaving netflix february 2014

Second update: Here is what is new on Netflix February 2015 Update: We have some great news regarding most BBC titles below Well some rather rough news for a lot of My Little Pony fans as well as those of you stateside who use Netflix to watch BBC shows. We're seeing a major cutback in those titles come this February, with a good chunk of content getting removed from … [Read more...]

Is Netflix Going to Stream The Interview? They Certainly Hope So

is the interview on netflix

A few weeks ago, we're fairly certain that "The Interview" was just a terrible comedy about to release starring two fairly funny actors who enjoy smoking their fair share of marijuana. We didn't assume much of the film but before we could blink an eye this holiday season, controversy erupted with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un condemning the film. Then a major hack at Sony … [Read more...]