Netflix vs. Crackle


With Netflix ostensibly holding dominion over the streaming world, it’s no wonder that challengers will inevitably rise up and vie for the throne. Crackle is Sony Pictures Entertainment’s subsidiary brand, and has made a name for itself as an entirely free streaming platform. But the heart of the matter is simple: which of these two streaming services is worth your time, and … [Read more...]

Netflix vs. Hulu Plus


In the ever-continuing struggle for better online content and streaming platforms, you may have stumbled across (arguably) the two most popular websites in their field: Netflix and Hulu Plus. The obvious question, then, is which service is more deserving of your time and subscription. To get the definitive answer, we’ll be pulling from information about the content, pricing, … [Read more...]

Hidden Gems on Netflix, a New Streaming Genre

hidden gems on netflix

There might be a bit of irony in Netflix featuring a genre on the front page of their instant stream service titled "Hidden Gems" as that sort of eliminates the definition entirely. But a lot of people ask for this all the time, "What are the hidden gems on Netflix that I might not have realized were on there." Fortunately Netflix now has this specific tag available for … [Read more...]

How does Netflix Make Money?

new on netflix february 2015

With as many people who use their friend's logins for Netflix, we were surprised there were a lot of people randomly surveyed who didn't know how Netflix actually makes money. One question we often also get is how does Netflix make money on House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, alongside their other original content. First, Netflix makes money by charging a monthly … [Read more...]

Is Netflix Blocking DNS and VPN Services? Some Customers Say Yes

Reed Hastings

Services like Hola Unblocker and Getflix are popular with Netflix users, allowing them to watch Netflix content from all the libraries exclusive to specific countries. For a long time, Netflix didn't seem to pay much mind to people using these types of services, turning a blind eye to those users who magically were in the Netherlands one moment and then in Canada the next … [Read more...]

What countries have the most movies on Netflix?

what countries is netflix in

Besides what countries is Netflix available in, a lot of people ask what countries have the most Netflix content available. While the below list is certainly always changing (last updated January 11th, 2015), it should paint a pretty good picture of what movies are in each country streaming on Netflix: 1) USA - 6191 2) Canada - 3032 3) Brazil - 2411 4) UK - … [Read more...]

What is the best ISP for Streaming Netflix? The 2014 Results are In

usa-graph netflix

Netflix released its ISP performance data to end the year, and they have broken down what ISP provides the best streaming experience for its current customer list. The below image outlines the individual performance of each ISP and how it fared when streaming Netflix content, a major bandwidth hog. Competition started heating up it seems toward the end of the year, causing many … [Read more...]

Netflix Removing Scrubs January 4th, 2015

scrubs removed from netflix

Update: Netflix renewed scrubs once again! Update: Netflix has renewed Scrubs through February 4th, 2014 Bad news frequent visitors of Sacred Heart Hospital, but Scrubs will be removed from Netflix January 4th, 2015. The show has been a staple of the Netflix catalog for quite some time, but will be ending here shortly as the license is expected to expire at the … [Read more...]