Tech Tuesday: How Do Netflix Profiles Work

Netflix Profiles

As you have probably noticed, Netflix recently launched personal profiles, meaning no more pesky recommendations related only to your cartoon-addicted little brother or your sappy-romantic movie obsessed wife. Instead, now you can expect the beautiful Netflix algorithm to work it’s magic specifically to your tastes and your tastes alone (maybe with exception to someone trolling your profile by favoriting things you hate).

While these personal profiles come with a cost (they’ll start you with a clean slate, so all your customized categories are likely down the drain for the first few weeks while you reset), we think it’s a great step in the right direction that will allow, after a short hiccup in your preferences, a beautifully customized experience.

Here is our guide to Netflix Personal Profiles:

  • Set up profiles for EVERYONE in the house, yes even the newborn, and perhaps the dog – You’ll want to keep their cartoons and children shows separate, right? Even if they can’t hold a remote, it’s worth giving them control
  • Whomever picks the show should be logged into their personal profile, make this a habit – We all make sacrifices; sometimes you get stuck watching something you wouldn’t normally choose… The last thing you want is this dirtying up your customized recommendations; seriously, get into the habit of quickly switching profiles depending on whose preference is most aligned
  • Don’t leave your personal profile logged in all the time if you want to keep your Netflix recommendations as crystal clear as possible, nobody likes a surprise recommended category popping into their profile
  • Consider even setting up a “family” profile that encompasses everyone; you can let this profile run a bit more wild, but it keeps your personal profile as specific as possible come family movie night

What do you think? How have personal profiles been treating you thus far?

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