The 10 Best Christmas Movies Streaming on Netflix

Christmas movies on Netflix

Welcome to The Best of Netflix Top 10 Christmas Movies List

This list is curated by our editorial staff to bring you our favorite Christmas movies that Netflix currently has streaming instantly in the US. We’ll try to keep it up to date as possible, but if you notice anything not streaming anymore, let us know in the comments!

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10) Ernest Saves Christmas

Classic Ernest and his exploits in the zany holiday season. This one is great for the whole family and happens to be one of the better Ernest films. Definitely some cheesy laughs for the kids, alongside a great family friendly story. Sure it might be cheesy, but these movies are almost always impossible to not enjoy.

9) White Christmas

An often forgotten classic, White Christmas is a Bing Crosby classic. Starring the beautifuly and oft controversial Rosemary Clooney, this is arguably one of the most beautiful holiday films from the 1950s. Removing the glitz and glamour of modern film, White Christmas has a classic charm often missed in blockbuster Christmas movies these days.

8) The Nightmare Before Christmas

Candidly, we’re not even huge Tim Burton fans, and recently we feel he has lost a bit of his step, but there is no arguing that The Nightmare Before Christmas is an undisputed classic. Jack Skellington discovering Christmastown and his struggle to understand the meaning behind it all makes for an amazing Christmas movie. Great for both kids and adults alike.

7) I’ll Be Home For Christmas

You might be thinking this movie seems a little corny to be on a top ten holiday movies list, but we honestly enjoyed the simplicity of this one more than perhaps we should. The classic “struggle to get home before Christmas” story told in a modern setting of a college kid fighting through various trials to get to his family makes for a fun and light-hearted movie great for the whole family.

6) Bad Santa

This one is far better watched after the kids have gone to bed, but Bad Santa brings the inappropriate laughs by the bucket. Bad Santa is the holiday movie for those of us who perhaps have a more satirical outlook on the holiday season, but at the end of the day, the film still finds a way to wrap the holiday spirit into is darker comedy.

5) Scrooged

A Bill Murray classic, following his role as a selfish, wealthy television exec who finds himself wrapped up into a modern version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, where he discovers the reasons for his hardened heart through past present and future tales of the holiday spirit. We have a slight bias toward 1980s holiday movies, and this one certainly falls near the top of that list.

4) Christmas With The Kranks

While the holidays are often meant to be about spending quality time with family, often times family happens to cause the biggest headache of all during the season (while we of course love all family dearly). Christmas with the Kranks follows one such chaotic adventure as a daughter who originally wasn’t planning on coming home for Christmas announces at the last minute her change of plans.

3) The Muppet Christmas Carol

We happen to be far bigger fans of Home Alone, but we’re still willing to listen to anyone arguing in favor of The Muppet Christmas Carol as their favorite childhood classic. Jim Henson’s ensemble cast of puppets certainly doesn’t disappoint in this must-watch on an annual tradition.

2) Love Actually

Arguably one of the most unique Christmas movies of all time, Love Actually follows a large cast of vastly different characters who all end up having various connections throughout the whole film. Each story creating its own unique narrative on how the holidays are experienced differently for everyone.

1) Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Ok… ok… So we know this is technically a “Thanksgiving” movie, but Planes, Trains and Automobiles still has enough of a holiday feel that we couldn’t find a reason to not include it on this list. Following the classic “trying to get home for the holidays” turmoil, This is Steve Martin and John Candy at their finest. An absolute classic, and despite the adult themes and language, Planes Trains and Automobiles is still a classic for everyone to enjoy.

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