The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netfilx Streaming Instantly

cabin in the woods

Welcome to our list of the 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix.

For those looking to enjoy a few spooky films before Halloween, or for those who just enjoy a good creepy flick anytime of the year, this list breaks down our favorite scares across the board. From slashers to psychological thrillers, some over the top, others classics, we break down the best of the best when it comes to horror movies.

While we always try to keep this list up to date, if you notice a film here that is no longer streaming instantly, let us know in the comments.

What did we miss, anything you think should be on this list?

10) Slither

Slugs. Yes, slugs. Probably the scariest movie ever about, well… slugs. While it should be obvious, Slither falls into the always dependable “sci-fi horror comedy” genre, and delivers on all three counts. Definitely a must watch for those of you who enjoy a few beers and a “bad” movie.

9) V/H/S

V/H/S makes a bit more sense if you understand the premise before watching. It’s a “found footage” anthology that frames together a narrative. With several different directors, it sometimes falls into more of an artistic project than actual horror movie. But it’s enjoyable nonetheless. Certainly a unique approach to the genre.

8) Children of the Corn

A movie that brought a ridiculously creepy sense to something as innocent as farmland. A classic Stephen King story, Children of the Corn uses the creepy side of children to make the premise as scary as possible. The kids in this film are perfect, and through each turn you’re never left at ease, always wondering what will happen next.

7) Day Watch / Night Watch

Part one and two of a supposed Russian trilogy, where part three has not even begun production. A light versus dark  “powers that be” is the main plot vehicle that follows this story through Night Watch and Day Watch as they jump through history. Dark, beautiful and philosophical make this incomplete trilogy a real treat.

6) Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Another “horror comedy,” Tucker and Dale vs. Evil follows a group of campers into the deep woods of Hickville West Virginia. Don’t let the low budget scare you away from this hilarious horror flick, as most critics are willing to let down their pride and admit they almost all enjoyed this one.

5) Scream

A movie about serial killers  stalking a group of stereotypical high school students. The dialogue during the opening scene is priceless, as a harmless wrong number phone call quickly turns into a brutal murder. Truthfully, Scream is almost humorous in it’s execution (no pun intended). One of the first slasher movies any new fan of the genre should watch.

4) The Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell. Low budget horror. After a cult following developed, this film somehow found it’s way to Cannes. If that on paper doesn’t make you say “what the hell” then we’re not sure what will. But The Evil Dead is something special. Needless to say, this one is about as classic as they come.

3) Carrie

Realistically, we could have very likely filled this entire list with just Stephen King films. Perhaps that should be a list entirely on it’s own? One of King’s first novels to be adapted for film, it was also nominated for several academy awards; somewhat of a rare feat for the horror genre.

2) The Cabin in the Woods

By now, you have probably had countless people tell you how The Cabin in the Woods ends in arguably the most surprising/ridiculous ways possible. The opening scene makes you wonder “what the hell am I watching,” foreshadowing a ridiculous premise that only reveals itself after pretending to be a run of the mill slasher flick.

1) Rosemary’s Baby

Based on the 1950’s novel of the same name, Rosemary’s Baby is often cited atop these very same lists. Psychological horror tends to be the creepiest horror of all and this film certainly delivers. While we’re certain we’re way past the statute of limitations when it comes to a required spoiler alert, there is no reason for us to disclose anything about the ending.


  1. says

    I’m very surprised that I have yet seem “Rosemary’s Baby”! I’ve read many Netflix blogs that suggest this movie. I appreciate that “The Evil Dead” is on the list, definitely a cult classic. I wouldn’t say the movie is scary exactly, but this film embodies the classic “teens in the woods” horror plot. I plan on checking on some movies on this list and reviewing them on my own Netflix blog. Check it out and see if you agree with my recommendations!

  2. James Woods says

    Other good ones:
    Kill List (tremendous mind-fuck, hard to pin-point a single genre, and very violent; reminded me a bit of the original Wicker Man, but more visceral)
    House of the Devil (throwback horror film, one of my personal favorites; full of surprises and a good dread-builder)
    Fright Night (classic horror movie, plain and simple)
    V/H/S 2 (if it’s still on there; same concept as the first one, arguably better)

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