The Interview Coming to Netflix January 24th

the interview on netflix

For all the controversy caused by this film, the past few weeks have made for some interesting debate over freedom of speech, what crosses the line, new content distribution models, and just about everything in between.

One of the biggest questions we kept getting was whether or not Netflix would pick up the tab and offer The Interview on instant stream. It seemed like a very natural progression of how movies will eventually release, and it only took a few weeks for ink to hit the paper cementing a deal between Netflix and Sony, giving the streaming service rights to put The Interview in its streaming catalog.

So for all Netflix subscribers, The Interview will be available come January 24th. So for those who have not yet seen this Franco/Rogan raunch comedy, you’ll get your chance here in the coming days.

For a little opinion on the matter, while this was certainly a quick turnaround, it actually puts Netflix toward the bottom of the release cycle, which makes for an interesting point, seeing as several other channels like Amazon and Google Play all offered the movie slightly sooner. I know the difference likely lies within the fact that those services are “pay per content” as opposed to the Netflix monthly model, but in the back of my mind, I was expecting Netflix to be at the front of this deal.

With that said, we’re certainly staring at a future business model of movie releases, with Netflix releasing several original films this year.

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