The Killing Season 3 on Netflix Streaming Instantly


We’re starting to think that Netflix and AMC have some sort of amazing agreement where AMC produces some of the most amazing shows of the decade (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead) and then releases them into the wild on Netflix Instant Stream for the world to truly take notice thus increasing viewership on AMC.

Even AMC practically admits this.

And now here we are, season three of The Killing is now streaming instantly on Netflix. Following Detective Sarah Linden as she’s haunted by the details of the crime she once chased, season three toils with her personal dealings regarding her past work and how it affects the future of her career.


  1. Ed says


    Read the article about Killing 3 on Netflix. I can’t find any of the series on Netflix UK. I’m a trial member. Any advice?

    • says

      Ah interesting – The Killing might only be available in the US for the time being. It’s hard to say with AMC shows because sometimes they’re available in the UK and other times they’re not

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