Why is Netflix Blurry?

why is netflix not in HD

We get this question from time to time, people wondering why Netflix is blurry when they try to stream. You might be wondering why Netflix isn’t always in HD, so we did a little homework.

There are a few things to check:

1) Your own internet connection

Streaming video takes a lot of bandwidth and if your internet connection is slowed for one reason or another or if your connection has weakened, you might see a non-HD stream while Netflix tries to find the best bandwidth to stream video at. Sometimes this can be fixed just by waiting it out. You can also try to reset your router if connection issues persist.

2) Your ISP is choking your connection

Some ISPs (internet service providers) will limit the maximum amount of bandwidth you can stream, thus causing Netflix to operate at sub-optimal levels.

3) Your WiFi might be sending a weak signal

Consider connecting a hardwired ethernet cable from your router to your TV or device for streaming in HD if your WiFi seems to be at fault. Yeah we know this basically goes against everything “cord cutter” but it’s worth a shot.

Also: learn how to check your Netflix speed using a special test video, and check out how much bandwidth Netflix uses.


  1. Wichschralpski says

    Netflix is a streaming service that has to deliver content that satisfies it’s customers, and this means populist opinions. In general the average Netflix subscriber cares more about the content being delivered uninterrupted in contrast to occasional breaks to ensure quality. As such, Netflix defaults to blurry or banded or blocky content when it would otherwise buffer to keep clarity. Bitrate is not as high of a priority to Netflix as seamless content.

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